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"I wish I coulda known you when you were black" Psych

Best friends <3

Shawn Spencer & Burton "Gus" Guster, my favorite BrOTP, from the American TV series "Psych"

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Shawn proposing to Juliet! Ahahah crying so hard at this point! Psych Shules <<< And then the ring gets stolen.

I JUST WATCHED THIS EPISODE! I love it soo much...

He has the understanding, but hates rules, plus he has to do his "psych" thing before any of the cops get there.well, that is when they snoop the place before the cops have arrived on scene.

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Funny pictures about Why I Love Psych. Oh, and cool pics about Why I Love Psych. Also, Why I Love Psych photos.

Lol! One of my favorite psych quotes "who does that?!"

Shawn: All right, I'm sorry, no offense, but it's STUPID that you people eat food this hot. (Everyone stares at him.) Shawn: (to Abigail) I said "no offense", right?

Last Night Gus #Psych

Where Are Your Pants? (from my fave episode in the history of Psych)

Shawn and Jules - one of my favorite Shules moments. Hahaha, swell. Me and my mom say that. lol

Like seriously "I think you're swell" "I'm Very fond of you" "Home should be wherever you are and the fleet of pugs we adopt" It's just Shules!