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The guy in the middle is like my friend with the crush while me and the rest of her friends are trying to help her text the boy.

28 Parents who are trolls at heart....aka my future

esp the prom pics with dad in the background! The best kind of parenting. haha laughed so hard at this!

Silence is golden... Unless you have kids. OMG!!! Just imagine the parents of these kids reactions when they found them!! Bahahahaha

Those little rascals…

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The Painting - 9 funniest texting pranks

While prank videos are always entertaining to watch, reading prank texts can be really funny too. It seems the guys at Textastrophe are at it again, with another epic texting prank that seems almost too epic to be true. This week's subject, a local p…

Pendant and post earrings by Linda Britt   I was very excited to see the works of Linda Britt , which she did following my tutorial Openw...

Peach stones make excellent organic texture tools for polymer clay. To transfer the texture onto the polymer clay, drape a sheet of pol.

I am ashamed to say I laughed at this. A Lot.

Paper strip signs

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