All Hail Buatta

Interior by The Prince of Chintz, Mario Buatta (US) who is best known for his English Country House style using Chintz widely.

Music Room

The Music Room is considered to be the most complete example of Adam’s interiors at Harewood.

English Country House Style - Music room redesigned into a comfortable sitting room in an Irish country home. The ceiling in the room was designed by Gabrielli.

Nancy Lancaster, - One of the more famous interiors in the history of interior design, the yellow drawing room by Nancy Lancaster, features both English and French antiques in a delightfully cluttered space.

I thought this picture gives a good idea of the importance finding out the historical aspect of a time period, in order to really recreate a set that embodies that time period.

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet many wonderful artists and artisans throughout my life. I would like to highlight one particular artist, Isabelle Rey, whose work carries on the proud tradition o…