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I prefer the company of my goats to that of most humans. Does this make me anti-socal?

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We have some fencing like this and the goats really tear it up.if you can afford cattle panel it works so much better

Nubian goat - beautiful!

Nubian goat - Totally need a goat who can give milk AND butter content for homesteading

Golden Guernsey Goats Looks like I may go Guernsey all the way 'round! These goats are said to be gentle and sweet, with a decent production of nice, rich milk. Perfect!

The Golden Guernsey heritage goat breed are raised for milk but do not produce as much as the larger dairy breeds. Butterfat and protein levels are generally the same as most other breeds.


The Tisch Children’s Zoo at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Central Park Zoo has some new additions: four baby Mini-Nubian Goats. The four youngsters, which include a set of twins, were born in late February and early March.

Florida-boer-goat Breeders Directory and about Boer meat goat farming

Florida-boer-goat Breeders Directory and about Boer meat goat farming and all about Boer goat breeders and raising Boer goats

"Goat Peeking Out Barn Doors" by Susan Leggett

Goat And Old Barn Door Metal Print by Susan Leggett