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Boy In A Southern Landscape With A Basket Of Grapes

Ernst Schmitz (1859 – 1917, German)

"Boy In A Southern Landscape With A Basket Of Grapes", Ernst Schmitz, German, 1859 - 1917

Beautiful painting by Émile Vernon

Emile Vernon (1872 – 1919, French)

Arthur John Elsley (British 1860-1952)

Alenquerensis: Pintores Victorianos - Frederick Morgan e Arthur John Elsley - Victorian Painters - Frederick Morgan and Arthur John Elsley

Jim Daly - Tough Love

Jim Daly: Boy with baseball mitt / puppy sitting at his feet - shadow on fence

(Part II) A Father’s Love Concentration Mom & Daughter Brother & Sister Kristyn Quiet Moments The Beauty Of A Child A Performance Worth Hearing Study In White Mother’s Helper Th…

Richard Ramsey (American)

Gustav Igler - Children's games

Gustav Igler (1842 – 1908, German)

Harrington Mann (1864 - 1937, English)

Harrington Mann (1864 – 1937, English)

A Family Portrait of Four Children :: Harrington Mann - Children's portrait in art and painting

Where Shall It Go-Wai Ming (1938, Chinese)

Wai Ming (1938, Chinese)

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