The following awesome illustrations that you will were created over the years for various clients in theme of kick-ass Asian girl heroines by Yuko Shimizu, an award-winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City.

Yuko Shimizu’s Asian Super-Girls

Wooow, merece una pared de mi casa... YUKO SHIMIZU [ ILUSTRACIÓN ]

A reinterpretation of Japanese prints and geisha by Japanese illustrator Yuko Shimizu based in New York and her series "Asian Super-girls!

Yokai in Modern Times by Yuko Shimizu Editorial illustration, modern Japanese illustration

Yuko Shimizu Illustrations Are Japanese Pop Art

blog de diseno - El Chiltepe: Arte

Through his series entitled Impetuous World Life, the Chinese artist and illustrator Rlon Wang, based in Shenzhen, reveals some beautiful and colorful


Yuko Shimizu: “Panda Bear Girl—The First Asian American Superheroine”—illustration included in the book Artistic Utopia

Japon. Coleccion Pilar Coomonte Nicolás Gless | MUJERES SAMURAI

Yufu Tsunade Threatened by a Snake by Yoshitoshi -

"Ikenaga Yasunari is a 1965-born Japanese artist. His paintings depict beautiful women, whose expressions and postures suggest a dreamy atmosphere."

Contemporary Artist: Ikenaga Yasunari (b. ) -Ikenaga Yasunari (right) with collector and recent painting Born in artist Ikenaga Yasunari’s serene and soothing portraits of modern women.

Aya Kato

Surrealism and Visionary art: Aya Kato


Ichiro TSURUTA, Japan Japanese woman with wisteria hat illustration

Futakuchi Onna 二口女 Yokai

Futakuchi-Onna (two-mouthed woman), by Yuko Shimizu for the Discovery Channel.