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John F Kennedy the President of the United States. JFK presided over the Cuban Missile Crisis and established NASA to put America on the moon. His assassination was controversial and untimely.

Caroline with Daddy's hand!

“Caroline tenderly kisses her father’s hand as they bring daisies to Jackie at Otis Air Force Base Hospital. Jack and Jackie had just lost their son Patrick, August

John Kennedy Photos Breakfast With Caroline

Thirty Spectacular Photos Of John F. Kennedy

JFK and Caroline Kennedy. Father and Daughter Having a Tea Party at the White House.Being A Father Seemed the Greatest Delight of JFK's Short Life.Especially Since He Came To The Job Late In Life.A Sweet Pic.

Jacqueline Kennedy at Piedmont Foxhounds Races

tommyhilfiger: “ Jackie Kennedy in 1961 courtesy of Bettmann / Corbis.

JFK at Harvard

Jack Kennedy during his junior year at Harvard. Is there anything sexier than a Kennedy at Harvard?