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from one generation to the next, as she holds him she sees a bright and successful future for him, he will accomplish many great things that will bring joy to the world http://sue-adams.hubpages.com/hub/how-to-age-gracefully-with-self-care-and-common-sense-debunking-the-hype

5 Misconceptions About Aging Revealed

One day, you’ll be just a memory for some people, be a good one!: Quote About One Day Youll Be Just A Memory For Some People Be A Good One


this picture made me think.if I ever have a daughter, I must take a black and white photo of her like the one of Gramma Betty when she was 1 year old sitting on that little chair. So cute!

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Naturaleza, sensación de paz y protección.

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il tuo fratellino è nato ma tu già lo sai quando lo hai scelto hai voluto che assomigliasse a te e hai fatto centro.siamo pazzi per lui

Dreaming smile -one of my all time favorite things about newborn babies. I always believed that "dreaming smiles" was they went back to heaven in their dreams, just to pop in and say hi to their angel friends and God.

OMG this is so freaking cute?!!!!!!!!!

oh. my. cowgirl hat, tutu, baby fat rolls, and boots - it doesn't get ANY better!