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*takes a sip of water* . "Well Jumin han does gay now". *takes another sip of water than spits it out and rolls on the ground laughing*

OMG! I love this!! *-* ♡♡♡ gay things are the best :v

*-* ♡♡♡ gay things are the best :v ; I thought this was a meme about mc turning into jumin for a second

Mystic Messenger- 201SEVEN!

Read 2017 from the story Mystic Messenger Memes by Scarlett-Red (♫ Scarlett-Red ♫) with reads.

fairy tail avatar the last airbender how to train your dragon

And is swords art online you take there poop and turn it into blue swords that are really badass

asdfdbsvcgdhjvhcs lo amo joder XDXDXDXDXDXD es una bella dama pecho peludo XD ajjajajja

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