Maya Vik album Château Faux-Coupe design by Gary Swindell/Aimizm

Typeface Love: Lemniscate

Lemniscate font by Rosita Gorolova

Inga Albers, Literaturrecherche, 2011

Inga Albers, Literaturrecherche, 2011

Gary Swindell - Maya Vik - Château Faux-Coupe - Brand Identity - Design & Art Direction - Aimizm

Maya Vik Brand Identity by Gary Swindell

Stanislav Kovàr

Stanislav Kovàr



Hofstede Design + Development Studio - Melbourne

Brand Architects Identity by Hofstede Design

Archer Hairline. "If Courier is Jane Doe, then Archer is Isabella Rossellini or Audrey Hepburn."

archer hairline font [via typography]


Northbank is an established, multidisciplinary graphic design consultancy based in Bath with a strong reputation for producing creative, bespoke and effective solutions across many different sectors.

by nadyazhry

Experimental photography and illustration workTrabajo experimental de fotografía e ilustración como ejercicio creativo.

Experimental photography and illustration work on Behance

Drawings by Dr. Propulus

Dr. Propolus Treats Serious Fashion Photos with Lighthearted Doodles

The pictures cute but come on the hair? The hair is goals!

drawing in visual attention to those things talked about in church

Actionable Inspiration and analysis depository of visual communicator Jacob Adrian Lysgaard.

played my card

Inspirational elements for collage Stephen Brewster

I really like how there is a single point in which the photograph ties into. I think this would look nice on sports spreads.

Graphic design inspiration

The Motion Theater – Soul Kitchen poster


Typography Make-up by Lover-of-makeup