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And we were gonna open up my mystery pinata by zarla on DeviantArt

I was thinking about how at the beginning of the game Papyrus says he has like no friends. YOU'LL ALWAYS HAVE SANS, PAPYRUS Since mons. And we were gonna open up my mystery pinata

Undertale Universe by YAMsgarden<<omfg yes. I love how mettaton is just like 'leg'

Sans, Papyrus, and Undyne - (Undertale x Stephen Universe crossover)--- nice ni cE NICE

When you're adopted by a family and each of them bring you to school a different way. Sans, papyrus, undyne, mettaton, flowey

Freshly baked meme for you

Undyne, Sans, Papyrus, Mettaton and Flowey dropping Frisk off at school. I'm not sure whether Undyne making car noises or the children's reaction to Mettaton is more entertaining.

after all that don't you feel for papy at all undye:

undertale, undyne ---- more evidence that I am the human version of Undyne---More evidence that Papyrus IS Undyne.

Monster Kid

+ + :d androgynous armor artist name blonde hair boots brown hair closed eyes english eyepatch frisk (undertale) head fins holding umbrella humanization leggings monster kid (undertale) open mouth poncho rain redhead sharp teeth shirt shorts s