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The love he has for his members!!

Let's be real here. Leo could never escape his members in the first place, especially N.


for any member of any group no matter their popularity(individual or group members) just spread the love with a positive saying. and/or praise

Poor little Taeyang. It's a little sad that I might be the same height as him.

Vixx and some of Infinite, Sungyeol makes almost anyone look non-existent next to him!

Only reasons to be excited for fall: Halloween, my birthday, pretty leaves, Leo, and Ravi XD

Will add to the list of reasons why autumn is my favourite season

Mark and Jackson (GOT7) and Leo (VIXX)

Mark and Jackson and Leo (VIXX) ~ Mark & Leo aka the quiet members xD

Sweet N supporting Leo and Ravi ♥♥ That's what a leader do ^~^

this isn't even being a good leader anymore, it's more like supporting his brothers!

The daily struggles of being Hongbin ... not being able to film the inside of a washing machine ...

Poor Hongbin can't achieve his dream of filming the inside of a washing machine lol