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85 Japanese House Vocabulary Words

Find out what are the things you can see in a typical Japanese house. What are their names in Japanese?

medicine cabinet bathtub shower Shawā シャワー tower pillow makura まくら toilet toire トイレ toilet paper toiretto pēpā トイレットペーパー bed beddo ベッド blanket mōfu 毛布 sheet shīto シート:

I know "Makura" from "Makura no Danshi", I know it may look a bit-a cringy but the theme song is really-a catchy!

Studies Abroad to Japan. GoldenWay Global Education VietNam Du học nhật bản vừa học vừa làm http://goldenway.edu.vn/du-hoc-nhat-ban-2.html

The adoption in around the century CE of kanji by the Japanese from Chinese emissaries was a blessing for the Japanese language since it was the first time