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Qi Lolita Dress

[Spot] * YaoShan Aeolus * China Wind lolita Sleeve Ink Dragon OP * Dress - Taobao Not sure about that black stripe across the front, but look at that print!

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Today I write about my second favorite style, HIME GYARU! ≧▽≦ Gyaru: The designation "Gyaru" comes from the japanese word "gaaru ( .

Roses and The Mermaid's Tears Lolita Jumper Dress

Roses and The Mermaid's Tears Lolita Jumper Dress,Lolita Dresses,

Never promised a rose garden, as found on deviantart. Credit: essie-morbide, Revelio

Models: ~harlyharlekin and me Photography: =Revelio Clothing: Angelic Pretty Many thanks to ~harlyharlekin for lending me her outfit! never promised a rose garden