Joseph Abhar - Edwin Holgate  1892 - 1977 , Canadian.

Edwin Holgate - Ludivine, 1930 - This is Holgate’s portrait of a 15 year old girl at her mother’s funeral. She has just become the female head of her family and is facing all the weight and responsibility that comes with that.

Peteykins' Junk Drawer / Edwin Holgate

Art Contrarian - Marie Hinde Huestis 1930 by Canadian artist Edwin Holgate 1892 - 1977

Edwin Holgate (Canada, 1892-1977), Portrait of a Young Woman, oil on panel, 1938. In addition to being considered the eight member of the Group of Seven, Holgate was also a founding member of the Beaver Hall Group. Sold through Masters Gallery, Vancouver.

Edwin Holgate Portrait of a Young Woman 1938 oil on panel (Past sale highlight at Masters Gallery Ltd.

Cuno Amiet · Autoritratto con mela · 1903 · Ubicazione ignota

Cuno Amiet (Swiss, Self-portrait with apple (Selbstbildnis mit Apfel), Bucerius Kunst Forum GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

" Portrait of a young woman with her dog”. Painting, 1928, by Imre Goth (1893–1982)

Imre Goth (Hungarian-British, : Portrait of a young woman with her dog, 1928

Portrait of a Young Woman

Portrait Of A Young Woman Artwork by Arnold Mason Oil Painting & Art Prints on canvas for sale

Edwin Holgate (1892-1977), 1934, Self-Portrait, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Self-Portrait: Edwin Holgate c. 1945 - The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts - Dr F.

Paraskeva Clark

Paraskeva Clark (Russian-born Canadian painter, Self Portrait 1933 She was born Paraskeva Plistik in St.

Max Ernst At The Rendezvous of Friends, Self Portrait

At the Rendezvous of Friends (detail), a Self Portrait by Max Ernst, 1922

HOLGATE, Edwin, (1892-1977) Canadian artist: -- '

Edwin Holgate (1892 – 1977, Canadian)

Heward, Prudence - Portrait de Mme Zimmerman - Musée des Beaux-Arts du Canada, Ottawa

Prudence Heward - 'Portrait of Mrs. Zimmerman' by Canadian painter Prudence Heward via art inconnu