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The Phurba (Kila) The Phurba (or Kila) is triple sided Tibetan ritual dagger or stake. Tibetan meaning for Phurba refers to a stake used for tethering or a peg used for securing a tent.

WAKIZASHI MOMOYAMA, Sword : 16th Century; Steel, iron, gold, lacquer by Chie Fujimoto:

WAKIZASHI MOMOYAMA "Tachi" Sword, Century Japan Steel, iron, gold, lacquer : This the most elegant of weapons over a thousand years of deadly perfection of art and war craft.


Albion Armorers replica Conan The Barbarian Swords. Hand sharpened by Jody Samson,A little too heavy for real sword play unless of course you're Conan

သန္လ်က္ ဓါး လက္နက္မ်ား

သန္လ်က္ ဓါး လက္နက္မ်ား

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/130170227/dragon-tooth-abrasaax-dagger-copper

Dragon Tooth "Abrasaax" Dagger (Copper)

Dragon Tooth Abrasaax Dagger Copper by Mythologicae on Etsy. This would be a wonderful ceremonial dagger.

Is it possible to be attracted to weapons? Cos I think I'm in love...

Very cool shop forged hearth steel knife with antler blade. See it from start to finish.

Katana History vs Myths (Expanded and Revised) - Imgur

This is a nice visual glossary of all the fittings that a blade go into when creating a katana. I have studied kenjutsu and used katana’s for a number of years and never knew the proper names for all these parts.

Ultraviolet Sword

Kult Of Athena - Swords - - Ultraviolet Sword - This unlicensed replica from the movie