"I've made over 25 studio albums, and I think probably I've made two real stinkers in my time, and some not-bad albums, and some really good albums.

Heartbroken: 'I may be able to temporarily get him out of my mind, by coping, but I'll nev...

Bowie’s ex-girlfriend reveals they were working on secret album

David Bowie was secretly working on new material with his ex before he died. Claudia Lennear, who dated Bowie in the reveals he was writing music and she was writing lyrics.

David Bowie Black and white Photo portrait

David Bowie Black and white Photo portrait

David Bowie Starman

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Have you ever noticed David Bowie's different sized eye pupils and color?    Here's the reason why:  http://www.newsweek.com/why-david-bowie-eyes-different-colors-414061  https://augenblickblog.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/bowies-pupils.jpg

David Bowie doesn't have heterochromia, technically speaking. He has a permanently dilated pupil (anisocoria) caused by an injury to his eye when he was young.