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- French influence on Regency Fashion History. Beautiful pictures of regency costumes in Georgian England. Napoleonic Empire line dress silhouettes, chemisettes, spencers and redingotes and accessories.

Round gown fashion plate, Winter, 1799.

"Round gowns, Winter 1799 :: Fashion Plate Collection, Century" - That dress on the right is quite fantastic.

London Full Dresses, March 1800, Fashions of London & Paris

I like this over tunic/sash/belt-y thing. Adds something to a plain gown. London Full Dresses, March Fashions of London & Paris

Fashion Plate (Morning Walking Dress) | LACMA Collections 1813

1813 (July) Lady's Magazine, morning walking dress / Los Angeles County Museum of Art

May 1810  Evening Shawl Dress   “a rich Paris-brown French silk shawl robe, with short full sleeves, made to sit very much off the shoulders; worn over a white satin body with long sleeves. Persian scarf of green silk; white satin shoes; and white kid gloves.” La Belle Assemblee

Ladies’ Regency Evening Dress a Guide, compiled by Katy Bishop The Commonwealth Vintage Dancers

"Evening Dress" (October 1811) - "I think this is such a pretty print. I love the angle of the figure, giving us a good view of the back of the dress. Notice that she is wearing hoop earrings. Though they may seem very modern to us, they were clearly popular during the Regency, as they show up in fashion prints frequently."

"A sea-green crape dress, vandyked round the petticoat, and ornamented with large beads; a full drapery over the shoulders and confined in the back with a pearl band, ornamented round the neck and down the back with beads.

Oh dear, has it been three weeks already? But now, the historical sewing mojo is back at last and I finally get to share the first details on my new Regency day dress with you. Yay! So far, nothing...

The Best Of Regency Stripes

Woman's Dress, Belt, and Sleeves American. 1823 Striped silk plain weave Philadelphia Museum of Art

"Regency Fashion: Men’s Breeches, Pantaloons, and Trousers"; article from Jane Austen's World, Vic Sanborn

Regency Fashion: Men’s Breeches, Pantaloons, and Trousers

Baptista - I'd like a taller actor - gangly and kinda hunched over - very comedic type - slim fitted - fashion forward but goofy - definitely a cane "Regency Fashion: Men’s Breeches, Pantaloons, and Trousers"; article from Jane Austen's World, Vic Sanborn