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bronzetti-nuragici-larte-delleta-del-ferro-in-L-tvVvmL.jpeg (300×400)

bronzetti-nuragici-larte-delleta-del-ferro-in-L-tvVvmL.jpeg (300×400)

The priests were responsible for maintaining the scales, measures, coinage, and trade for the entire nation.  http://www.believersbench.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Gold_coin_with_the_image_of_Khosrau_II-Wiki-Commons.jpg

KHosrau II Parviz, was the last great king of the Sasanian Empire, reigning from 590 to Gold Coin, 6 century AD

hyton with a Stag, #Achaemenid period (5th-4th BC.), #Iran, H-31 D-11, Gilded silver (Silver, with gold-foil gilding). (Miho Museum)

Achaemenid Gilded Silver Rhyton with a Stag Protome. Silver with gold foil inlay, century B.

Rhyton from Ecbatana, Achaemenid period, 5th c. BC

Rhyton (Drinking Vessel) Centuries BCE -- Achaemenid -- Gold -- Belonging to the National Archaeological Museum, Tehran, Iran.

Head-dress found in the tomb of Puabi, Ur

Headdress of Queen Puabi (from the Royal Tombs of Ur): 2600 BCE; University of Pennsylvania Museum, Pennsylvania

Pre-Achemanid Golden Rython (Gilan Province-Northen Iran) - Incredible relief workmanship

Marlik gold cup, Iran, Gilan standing goats beside the tree of life palm

An Egyptian worn amulet of Bes, a green Bes, a blue and yellow Bes, an Egyptian blue amulet of a bearded man and a blue Bes amulet with mane. I Bonhams

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