Edward Steichen, Marion Morehouse, in beaded Chanel Gown, 1925 © Condé Nast Archive/Corbis.

fantomas-en-cavale:Edward Steichen- Marion Morehouse en robe Chanel, 1924 Those beads were glass, and sequins were made out of metal then -- it must have weighed a ton

Auteuil, 1925.

castaroundlesmodes: “ Auteuil, ” Kittyinva: This is an interesting post, showing the transition from the to-the-ankle styles of Paris of to this, where the hem is coming up below the.

20's lounging. Uploaded from enblommigtekopp.se.

Clara Bow, the quintessential "it girl" of fashion. Clara sits in front of the mirror in a flirty pose reading a book, which demonstrates how much freedom women have gained during this time period in dress and in scholarly realms.

Louise Brooks

Actress and fashion icon, Louise Brooks.oriental fashion was making an impact in the

Clara Bow and Esther Ralston - 1927

silentmovies: Clara Bow and Esther Ralston era sportswear day dress drop waist casual movie star snapshot vintage fashion style print ad outfit suit skirt top shirt pleated

Bathing Beauty  Ms. Lila Lee, a prominent screen actress of the early silent film era, Long Beach, CA c.1920′s.

25 Vintage Snapshots of Summer Fun on the Beach

- vintage photograph of a very pretty young woman at the beach in her late-Victorian/turn-of-the-century style bathing suit. i LOVE her amazing Art-Nouveau patterned parasol.

Bobbed Hair: (“The Battle for Bobbed Hair” --- Photoplay Magazine, 1924) a very short hairstyle that was popular during the twenties. There were many different styles of the bob that women could get but they all involved being short and close to the head.

sydneyflapper: whataboutbobbed: From “The Battle for Bobbed Hair” Photoplay Magazine, June 1924 barber, please give me all of the bobs I see the bob-of-many names (which happens to be my bob) is here the “boyish” bob.

Roaring 20's

The flapper girl had accesories like a cloche hat as seen here with fabric flowers as well as pearl necklaces. Hair was kept short under their hats. Make-up was simple but usually dark lipstick was used and brows were pronounced.