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Bahaha don’t do it!

When someone is murdered, the police investigate the spouse first. And that tells you everything you need to know about marriage! SO TRUE!


Starter Packs I laughed way harder at this than I should have, especially the "you got any games on your phone?

Well, the reason is obvious...

I don't understand why the American wants to call it "soccer" and their American football "football" when the players hold the ball in "hands" most of the time. This black and white ball is called "FOOTBALL"!

A little too vague

A little too vague

SATURDAY - A funny thing happened on the way to an estate sale. Whenever There’s a Problem With My Car // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

9GAG - He loves it.

He loves it.

Reason why you shouldn't wear Crocs.I love my Crocs but this is still funny

tumblr starter pack - Google Search

Schuyler the "wow i can't take a joke without getting offended" starter pack: people like you

Get it together BAE, 2+2=?

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when people call the band room...... band humor

when people call the band room. band humor<<< Or just any musical room in general