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hahaha I love this! Only I'm jealous because I miss having a bathtub. (damn standup showers..)

im thankful for a bath because some other homeless people cant take a bath

Well, that works too

Sick of opening your dishwasher and thinking the dog could have licked those dishes cleaner? It's not your dishwasher, it's the detergent! This site tells you what to add to your dish detergent to make it work properly again!

Awwww! :')

Funny Pictures Of The Day 51 Pics maybe she thinks the mirror doggy is bringing toys to share too.

“I did it! I graduated! Where’s the treat? Can I have the treat now?” | Community Post: 25 Animals That Are Incredibly Proud Of Themselves

"I did it! I graduated! Where's the treat? Can I have the treat now?"