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The shot of a vibrantly colored nudibranch (Cratena peregrina) spotted in Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain by photographer Jordi Benitez takes the second prize in the contest's

A stunningly colored sea slug

Amazing how the beautiful colors on this sea slug are a warning to others not to eat him

Nudibranch By: Juan Jose Sotano Garcia

Nudibranch / La Herradura (Granada-Spain) Here you will find a great number of beautiful dive sites

Cyerce is a genus of sacoglossan sea slugs, a shell-less marine opisthobranch gastropod mollusks in the family Caliphyllidae.

Paige: our character's storyline is based on their species having Light embedded in their body somehow - because they live in nice darkness. The Krad want to destroy the inhabitants so there is always eternal darkness.

Nudibranch ( Hypselodoris apolegma )(Risbecia apolegma) by Eva

Nudibranch ( Hypselodoris apolegma )(Risbecia apolegma) don't know what it is but it's so beautiful

A wonderfully colorful nudibranch! here to find out more

nudibranch//// one of my favs, such beautiful, vibrant colors!

my favorite species of nudibranch! It looks like a tiny sea giraffe with its cute little beady eyes!