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Parisian Corner The Parisian Corner was inspired by my recent trip to Paris. The original model exceeded the 3,000 piece limit. So, I’m trying again with this one at 2,821 pieces on a 32x32 baseplate. This building includes all the best features of the buildings I saw including the typical gray-colored slanted roofs, gabled-windows, vibrant red colors, green plants on balconies, ornamental masonry, and blue-colored flowers with vines weaving in and out of wrought-iron railings. The Parisian…

A recent trip to Paris inspired cmortay to build the modular Parisian Corner. The ornate building uses over 2800 pieces and represents a combination of al

Lego Building #8 | My Lego Modular Building MOC. Built in th… | Flickr

My Lego Modular Building MOC. Built in the Café Corner style. Inspired by the Friends 41035 Heartlake Juice Bar.

LEGO Modular Building: Main Post Office

The release of the LEGO modular building series in 2007 prompted enthusiasts to model their own inspired creations. Since the series' inception hundred of user

D.E. Kloss department store from the square side.

Kloss department store from the square side.

winter_pub_05 | par sdrnet

winter_pub_05 | par sdrnet

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I came across these two models today, a neat pair of buildings in neo-classical style by german Lego builder Sherriff von Snottingham.

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Modular Wine and Flower Shop Bauanleitung für LEGO (passt zu 10197 10211