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A Russian anti-tank gun. With its main gun, German tank crews kept an eye out for these on the battlefield late in the war!

1945, the start of the Battle of the Seelow Heights, the opening phase of the Battle of Berlin.

Soviet heavy tank destroyers in Germany, before the battle of Seelow heights - 1945

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Similar to the the SPG was built on the IS heavy tank chassis and therefore had better armor and roomier casemate.

Soviet heavy self-propelled gun JSU-152

bmashina: Soviet heavy self-propelled gun on the streets of Berlin. SPG have damaged gun barrel.


As a heavy assault gun, the was an extremely valuable weapon in urban combat operations such as the assaults on Berlin, Budapest and Königsberg. The vehicle's excellent armour protection

History of Tanks: ISU-152 - http://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/history-tanks-isu-152.html

During World War II, the Soviets developed a massive mobile gun to defend against the German tanks. It was based on the tank and was known as ISU 152

ISU-122 of the 59-th separate tank regiment  9th Mechanized Corps of the 3rd Guards Tank Army on the march in the Western Ukraine. 1944.

of the separate tank regiment Mechanized Corps of the Guards Tank Army on the march in the Western Ukraine.

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