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Golem heavy mech: a solid build

Joe and Will Merziak bring us this Golem heavy mech platform, a pair of mecha ready for anything. As usual with the brothers, a lovely cinematic shot is included to show off the stunning industrial beauty of their war machines.

izzo. lego mech.

Another lego robot (there's going to be quite a few lego robots from now on so I am just going to put lego robot)


While this is likely completely original, it looks an awful lot like it's trying to be a Couldron-Born clan mech.

Disconnect CR1

Quite a random anti personnel combat mech I did today. While I was waiting for various orders for my project, I felt like building and finally used a few unused pieces to build this.


I love the aesthetic of this mech by devid VII. It's got NCS coloration, greebly goodness and total badassness. Seems like it's got some excellent pose-ability as well, I want to stomp it around my desk.

DSC01210.JPG by polywen, via Flickr

Awesome Lego Mecha HOMG I wish I had enough lego pieces to make these……tempted to go buy a lego creator kit or something XD More after the break! Can someone please buy me lego for Christmas?

The Incredible World of Giant LEGO Mechs

The Incredible World of Giant LEGO Mechs

People make amazing custom spaceships out of LEGO, sure, but they also make amazing custom mechs as well.