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Emma Watson

"Harry Potter’s like Santa Claus. Something you can’t see but wish was real so badly that you end up believing in it." - Emma Watson So true.

When it was revealed that Emma Watson and Hermione Granger are actually the same person. | The 28 Most Flawless Emma Watson Moments Of 2013

The 28 Most Flawless Emma Watson Moments Of 2013

Emma watson everyone

Emma Watson being Hermione Granger-as everyone goes to watch the first harry potter for the umpteenth time.

Emma Watson’s Crush Story

Emma Watson’s Crush Story

Ok but in that last picture only Tom looks like yeah this girl likes me whatever and Emma is just the happiest person alive in that second

I think this is Rupert and Emma watching the finial scene or something

Harry Potter behind the scenes on the last day of filming: Emma and Rupert holding hands. This picture makes is so sweet, Their faces are so sad.


"What scene are you most looking forward to filming in the next movie? I'm looking forward to the. tortured by Helena Bonham. I think that is going to be pretty awesome.