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hetalia america and japan gif - Google Search

Hetalia - Chibi Japan and America eating a hamburger

Hetalia - America / Japan

Hetalia - Kiku Honda [Japan] x Alfred Jones [America] - AmeriPan

such geeks! :D  ギンネコ - Hetalia - America / Japan

such geeks! :D ギンネコ - Hetalia - America / Japan

おっ - Hetalia - Russia / America / China / Japan / England / Italy / Germany / France  (+ Tony & Pochi)

An anime about all the Characters posed as countries coming together to solve the problems of the world. What better way to learn history^_^

Japan and America

Hetalia (ヘタリア) - America x Japan (Ameripan)

by qqpp - Hetalia - America / England / Japan

Hetalia - Alfred Jones [America] x Arthur Kirkland [England] & Kiku Honda [Japan]

So cute ameripan

Japan x America? Anybody out there support this couple as much as i do? - I LOVE THIS COUPLE! i just question and answer in the Hetalia Couples!