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Sailor Venus

Sailor Moon: The Priestess Sailor Mercury: The Bard Sailor Mars: The Ranger Sailor Jupiter: The Warrior Sailor Venus: The Valkyrie Tuxedo Mask: The Dark.

Today’s practice! My second favorite sailor scout! (My favorite is sailor moon) haha I love that she is so tall, like me!


Sailor Jupiter in Gucci Spring 2016 Been obsessing with Gucci ever since Alessandro Michele took over. So romantic and so rich.

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Nic Ter Horst

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Warrior Jupiter by NoFlutter on DeviantArt

Warrior Jupiter to go with my other Warrior Moon Scouts! Jupiter should be completed this month (August) Chibi Moon and Outer Scouts will be started September


Sailor moon as a modern moon witch! Her powers flow with the phases of the moon, and she doesn't care very much for the rules of old witches. She doesn't even wear her hat most days!