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The Recipe Cupboard: Frito Pie

Oven-Baked Frito Pie yummy bit simply chilli mixed with fritos so I'll use my own chilli recipe next time to make it

Authentic Mexican Tortillas from  The best and easiest tortillas I've made and FAR superior to anything I've found in mainstream grocery stores.  I have to cook them one at a time, but the result is always worth it!  @Helga Elsesser

Authentic Mexican Tortillas Recipe - I tried this recipe and loved it. I will never buy tortillas again!


Creamy Salsa Chicken Stuffed Shells - a creamy chicken and salsa mixture is delicious inside pasta shells covered in melted cheese

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza: This recipe saved my life. I was pregnant and living overseas where they [*gasp*] didnt have Taco Bell! Thats what I was craving most, and this recipe was so close to the real thing. It hit the spot. -Banriona

TACO BELL COPYCAT MEXICAN PIZZA RECIPE: This recipe is made with 2 layered tortillas and refried beans, hamburger meat, cheese, taco and other seasonings baked in the oven at 400 degrees at 8 to 12 minutes. Authentic Mexican Taste and so easy to make with

authentic Mexican style Chili verde

Authentic Mexican Style Chili Verde ( Pork Chunks in Green Sauce )

authentic Mexican style Chili verde I made this Chile Verde recipe tonight-SO worth the work! Yum pepe loved it:)

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Ceviche de Carne. 1/2 Kg Carne Molida de Res 1/2 Kg Tomate Rojo Finamente picado 2 Cebollas finamente picadas 1 Manojito de Cilantro finamente picado El jugo de 1/2 kilo de limon Chile picado (opcional) Sal y pimientaal gusto Tostadas o Galletas Saladas

Ceviche de Carne !

Carne Apache Tostadas Authentic Mexican Recipe - I need to try this! Another Powell non-heating food