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America knows Russia understands english

This is me in the morning! WAKE UP ITS 4:00 p.m NOOOOOO*groans and rolls over* it's only 9:00 a.m GET UP NOW! FUUUGGGGGGG YOOOUUUUU *walks around house like the dramatically tired person I am*

Matt baby, are you hungover? Do I need to get Ollie to give you a cupcake? *Matt wakes straight up and runs off* And why did you say 'Artie' Allen? This is OLLIE!

Is this poisonous? -No. Then how the heck am i supposed to use this thing?!?

hetalia<--What if he tried to get the other countries high with the strong scent of the marker, so he could rule?

I love this different art style and freaked-out Alfred is one of the best things ever :)

Oh god a moment of silence for our beloved dear friend alfred F Jones he was a good man he was always optimistic he shall be missed

I'm confuse but k

" His face is so offended I can't<< I find all their faces hilarious.

Snap chat. ;)<---Hah! Sweet potato Jesus, I needed this.

America and Canada snap chatting?<<< I don't think it's America, cause he is sleeping off to the side. It may be Prussia.

“But you killed our grandfather”

<<what about "you killed our grandfather"<<< Wait Flavio killed Rome

2p FACE family.>>> IM DYING LOL!! XD<<< you should probably see a doctor about that

>>> IM DYING LOL! XD<<< you should probably see a doctor about that << excellent parenting with Oliver

Oh. My. God. This is so cute aww I can imagine Germany sitting on the floor cuddling his dogs and crying and then Italy comes in to comfort him omg

Prussia backtracks away. Then he later demand what the hell germany. Germany replaces the dog with prussias chick.Gilbert tears up and he says "it's not the same and you KNOW it"