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Several designs for a camera icon. Easy to understand and colourful design.

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Quantum HUD Infographic

Dribbble Magic Book


App Icon Design - The Cerberus Project  by Dash

App Icon Design - The Cerberus Project

Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey Icon

Dribbble - Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey Icon by Ryan Nasipak

20 Fantastically Detailed Icons | Inspiration - UltraLinx

20 Fantastically Detailed Icons

This is how I can use the whole shape of the icon to make it look it like a shoe. I would just need to add features that show how you can personalize the shoe yourself

45 Incredibly Detailed and Attractive iOS Icon Designs To Get Inspired

The texture is awesome on this wallet, each texture looks real. Its also nice to see how the depth and shape was made out of the app shape.

Icon Edeally

artistic direction of Edeally project : logo / icon design / web design / app design.

Doing a side angle of the shoe might be good to incorporate branding or show the personalization process. Although the side angle doesn't look like a shoe as much and so you loose some appeal


In this beautiful collection, we are presenting some handy and useful mobile apps UI Icons for inspiration. With these mobile app icons, designers can enhance

38 Beautiful iOS App Icon Designs For Your Inspiration

38 Beautiful iOS App Icon Designs For Your Inspiration

38 Beautiful iOS App Icon Designs For Your Inspiration - Hongkiat