Cinderella's new dress by selinmarsou on deviantART

I made some days ago Ariel in her new dress now here is Cinderella without her ugly new hair style Sorry, but in my opinion she looks hideous with that . Cinderella's new dress

Mucha style - " #Cinderella" " #DisneyPrincesses" " #Disney" Illustration in style of "Alphonse Mucha"

lettiebobettie: “ Sorry I have no posted in a while, been busy (And drawing Naruto OCs when not… ahem) So I figured I should upload one of the princesses I finished forever ago! This time Cindy.

cendrillon – DE FIL EN DENTELLE

Cinderella’s Wedding Gown - Sandy Powell constructed a beige colored, long-sleeve, silk organza gown with a floral print. It took 16 people and 550 hours to complete!

Disney Glamour 1950 Cinderella by Sil-Coke on DeviantArt

And now it's Ariel from the Queen's Crown image: Ariel would be swift, ranged, and if you've ever played Final Fantasy IV, a lot like Kain Highwind because he's awesome and has the Jump ability.