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Nebbia .

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How my children will Learn the alphabet

Can You Tell If These Disney Song Lyrics Are Real Or Fake?

Media Decoder - Behind the Scenes, Between the Lines. " Survey shows growing strength of eBooks". Article on stats re ebooks past 2-3 years.

Survey Shows Growing Strength of E-Books

*sobbing* ...literally the saddests parts of the greatest Disney movies.. Disney princess movies may have given us as little girls unrealistic expectations ab romantic relationships but.... The movies that didnt end with a "happily ever after" those were pretty dead on ab goodbyes. Thanks for that Walt! :)

Prepare for an assault on the feels…

I don't think land before time is Disney. Every time see the lion king and sad moments in Disney movies.THE FEELS!

Harry Potter & Disney mash up...this was really entertaining.

Harry Potter X Cartoon

Max is a dog who lives a happy life with his owner in a Manhattan apartment complex - but everything gets disrupted when his owner brings home the sloppy and inconsiderate dog, Duke. See what really happens when you leave your pets at home all day. The Secret Life of Pets now available on Digital HD, coming to Blu-Ray and DVD December 6.

Official movie site for The Secret Life of Pets, starring Louis C., Eric Stonestreet and Kevin Hart. Watch the trailer here! In theaters and RealD July 8

Oh my goodness! I used to be addicted to Betty and Veronica comics! ♥

Betty Cooper - The sweet, practical and intelligent "girl next door" who manages to maintain romance and friendship through the ups and downs of being a teenager.

Disney is more than a movie, it made up my childhood and taught me things no other movie can. Thank you, Walt Disney. I owe you one.  -Agustina

Funny pictures about Things Pixar taught me. Oh, and cool pics about Things Pixar taught me. Also, Things Pixar taught me.

Exotica Listener by Shawn Dickinson

“Girl with Vinyl Record Karl Hofer (German, Oil on canvas. The vinyl record is held by a half-naked young woman, while another, smaller disc and a.


Very funny :)<<<ove upon a December! I am in the Anastasia fandom! Most people don't even know this movie exists but it's one of my favorites!


sent this to my group chat.warned me this could happen if i send them any more cancerous puns