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Peaceful Samurai Custom by MyCKs.deviantart.com

Another custom work titled Peaceful Samurai. Awesome that I got to include Kanabo and helmet.

"A defiant Samurai's final act: contemplating Seppuku to preserve His Honour"- Samurai by mr. Shoryuken

Illustration for a new book of Sine Reque, Asterion Press, italian's role player game. Japanese Ronin realized for the manual "The Chrysanthemum Throne" for the role-playing game named Sine Requie .

"Twilight of the Samurai"- 5d7478e172be792f7b264d0c412a9135.jpg (558×758)

The Samurai by Green-Hirsch on DeviantArt - sekigan art illustration

Okami by thedarkestseason.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Did another drawing of Okami. I used the sword I drew for the Inuyasha drawing- cause I liked it so much! Been on a Japanese kick lately.

samurai by dikeruan.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

The face I redrew (but borrowed) from this amazing piece I found somewhere of a drawing of Musashi (can't remember where it came from or who drew the original).