would like a pink three in my hall

Amazing street art

Love This.by the french artist PakOne for the episode of the Crimes of Minds project (www.) in Brest, France. Photo by Awouell: <-- More photos of it in the link. More Street Art on

Meningen med billedet er at vise at man ikke altid skal leve det liv alle andre lever, det viser også at man skal yde for at have et godt liv

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Resistência..this has got to be my favourite pin. Something about it strikes a chord.

Who says resistance is futile? Resistance creates change and change is inevitable.


Giant shadowy figures, crazed animals and tiny cement men: The best street art of 2011

El origen del grafiti viene de las inscripciones que han quedado en paredes desde los tiempos del Imperio romano, especialmente las que son de carácter satírico o crítico. En el lenguaje común, el grafiti es el resultado de pintar textos abstractos en las paredes de manera libre, creativa e ilimitada con fines de expresión y divulgación donde su esencia es cambiar y evolucionar buscando ser un atractivo visual y con un alto impacto, como parte de un movimiento urbano revolucionario y…

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Binho Ribeiro in São Paulo, Brazil, these fish are common for tattoos and I absolutely love them! This one in particular is so colourful it would make a brilliant tattoo :)

The streets have become a breeding ground for incredible artwork (38 Photos)

Binho Ribeiro - cool koy fish and wonderful graffiti art - São Paulo, Brazil

Jeanne Argent.....The looking glass

Curiouser and curiouser. - Lewis Carroll, "Alice in Wonderland" ~ Alice Through The Looking Glass Guildford Castle secret garden, Guildford, United Kingdom