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Always keep some Zip-Ties handy for that person who parks too close to you (Funny Weird Pictures) - ties


Hilarious Memes 3 years ago I was fired from a panera bread for taping this to the inside of the microwave, worth it.

Wheel of fortune luck be in the air tonight

Funny pictures about Luck Be In The Air Tonight. Oh, and cool pics about Luck Be In The Air Tonight. Also, Luck Be In The Air Tonight photos.

Lol for real!! I hate when people are rude and double park on purpose. I can understand if you accidentally cross the line a little bit but seriously...I have the right to have a parking place too.

Problem… solved! Why trucks are better. (vía

"You're tire pressure checking habit is really becoming a problem, affecting you're work, life, family and time with me.

Just saying

Just saying

All I want to do is read!" *deepthroats 4 guys named Kyle, goes to a Skrillex concert* (Submitted by