Colorful Mosaic Guitar

De Colores guitar by Elsieland Mosaics. ❣Julianne McPeters❣ no pin limits

Te compartimos 10 imágenes de cómo se pueden realizar grandes obras de arte en el instrumento más popular.

Cuando la guitarra se convierte en el lienzo

sides of your compact disks. Here are some DIY old CD mosaic birdbath and guitar projects to give you a trailer of some mosaic old CD decors and patterns.

California Dreamin Sculpture LED Lamp - Delphi Stained Glass

'California Dreamin' Sculpture LED Lamp - I took the front and strings off the front of a full size acoustic guitar, inserted LED lights inside and created the leaded glass front and foiled it to the front of the guitar.

guitar mosaic ~ yummy colors

Colorful Mosaic Guitar by Sherry M. this site is an amazing source for TINY tiles