Salter-Harris Fractures

Pediatric physeal fractures have traditionally been described by the five-part Salter-Harris classification system . Type I fractures occur through the growth plate. These injuries may present.

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People suffering from compartment syndrome normally feel a deep, constant pain in one part of the body (usually the leg or arms).

6 mths Milestones

Milestones: 6 Months -prone on hands w/elbows extended, weight shifting from hand to hand -rolls supine to prone -I sitting -pulls-to-stand, bounces (transfers objects is months) (fear of strangers 7 months)

3 mths milestones

Milestones: 3 Months -prone on elbows, wb on elbows -head elevated 90 degrees -head in midline in supine -takes some weight w/toes curled in supported standing -coos, chuckles