Red Ball Project in Norwich, UK. photo by mike collar

Red Ball Project in Norwich, UK. photo by mike collar Kurt Perscke's RedBall, Pull's Ferry May

redball project - Kurt Perschke


Toronto Luminato Kurt Perschke Redball project at Toronto's Old City Hall as part of Luminato.

Kurt Perschke RedBall Project

Interactive Giant Red Ball

Coming to Toledo, OH in August and play with us. An interactive art project, a giant red inflatable ball that's appeared in random spots all over the world. I want to play!

Red Ball by chrisinplymouth, via Flickr

Images of the RedBall Project from around the world as it travels. This group was created by the artist Kurt Perschke, who created the RedBall Project, so all the RedBall flicker pics could have a hub.

The Redball Project is an enormous, traveling public sculpture by NYC-based artist Kurt Perschke.

Kurt Perschke's "RedBall Project" is simple in theory: place a giant, inflatable, red sphere in public spaces. The ball as the innate ability to invite pedestrians to interact with it and the curious areas it pops up in. I want to touch it!

The Red Ball Project shown in Norwich

The big red ball's last outing in Norwich was, appropriately, its most prominent (at least for the Great and Good of Norwich). It completely blocked Erpingham Gate, the main entrance to Norwich Cathedral. The Red Ball Project

RedBall on a church in Chicago

Kurt Perschke's RedBall Project: giant red balls are about to invade Britain

Rolling around the globe: Giant RedBall turning heads from Sydney to St Louis