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Cute Anime Girl

bow brown_eyes brown_hair looking_at_viewer love_plus sakura_koharu school_uniform solo sweater_vest takane_manaka white_background

yuuhi (ages) the idolm the idolm cinderella girls ichinose shiki seifuku sweater

haruchika - Trang của haruchika - Học toán với OnlineMath

haruchika - Trang của haruchika - Học toán với OnlineMath

Daniela rp (Jacob and Andrea school)

Léa Kuran et Subaru murasame (étudiants)

I mustered up all the energy that I could, trying my hardest to break free from this prison inside a computer. I could finally return to the real world, feel the breeze on my skin again, instead of the coldness of computer codes. I stretched out my hand, hoping someone was there. Then I felt a warm, soft hand grasp my cold one and pull me out of the screen...

This is Sachi Osaki she is 16 but her last day at school was horrible,she got mad and shot a boy with Electric powers she never new she had. She is nice and try's not to get mad, but don't get her mad.