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Full-time illustrator Fran Meneses (Frannerd) shares 7 strategies that turned her side-gig into a full-time, thriving career.

frannerd's blog: inktober 2016

One of my favourite fairy tales, for Inktober day Don’t forget that all of these originals are going to be for sale on my Etsy shop once Inktober is over!

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Can’t believe we’re on Inktober day For today’s illustration I did the russian fairy tale Sister Alyonushka and Brother Ivanushka (and yes, the brother is that goat because why not)

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frannerd's blog: inktober 2016

For today’s inktober I illustrated the russian tale Wee Little Havroshechka. It’s weird, it has really mean characters but I loved how it is totally possible to be besties with a cow (a magic cow, but.