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INCREDIBLE HULK #8 by Steve Dillon and Jason Aaron - Imgur

Incredible Hulk Vol. 3 In order to stay himself, Hulk must stay angry! Attempting to keep his rage levels high, Hulk challenges The Punisher to a battle that will prove to be the one of the deadliest fights Hulk will ever face!

Hulk by Joe Jusko (love his expression, so much anger)

Sentry vs Hulk | #comics

World War Hulk: Hulk vs. The Sentry ~ art by David Finch

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wolverine (james howlett / logan) vs the hulk (robert bruce banner) - romulo fajardo, jr.

10 X-MEN Characters That DIDN'T Come From X-MEN Titles | Newsarama.com

Uncanny x-men Michael Turner variant. This is my retirement fund!


The Hulk - line art: Ardian Syaf, color: Nir Wadie


Avengers Assemble # 10 (Variant) by Gabriele Dell'Otto

Wolverine vs. The Hulk - Michael Komarck

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Incredible Hulk 12 cover by Michael Komarck

uB_Diu3kHrU.jpg (Изображение JPEG, 667 × 1024 пикселов) - Масштабированное (72%)

The Hulk : Comic Book Artist: Mike Deodato Jr.


Onslaught Variant Cover Art by Comic Artist Joe Madureira (YES Thor vs Hulk)