Song In My Soul by Katie M. Berggren- i like this painting

A Katie Berggren painting of a mother and child that I LOVE because of the expression of tenderness and intimacy.

Madonna Nativity 37 | Waiting For The Word | Flickr

Mary reflects the light of the Son as the moon reflects the light of the sun! Artist unknown, hopefully I can figure out who.

The field of Anthroposophical medicine was developed through Rudolf Steiner’s close collaboration with the Dutch physician Dr. Ita Wegman (1876-1943). Their co-authored book, Extending Practical Medicine (formerly Fundamentals of Therapy), is an extension of the art of healing through spiritual knowledge, providing a more complete picture of the human being, and thereby, the possibility for truly effective and innovative therapeutic approaches. Elisa Métrailler, who wrote the Foreword to…

Collot d’Herbois also pursued her own artistic work, though she considered herself more a “painter” than an “artist” in the more popular sense. She sought to create “healing paintings” through portraying windows to the spiritual world.

moving the soul with color - inviting Spirit - GALLERY

Prophetic art painting, worshipping the Lord, moving the soul with color - inviting Spirit - GALLERY