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Me on my way to go live in the woods and ignore my responsibilities (I wish) 👍🏻🌲✨ (Art for my new business cards, yay!

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I haven't had much time to finish WIPs for personal pieces just yet, so here's something quick from last week!

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Witch vibes with flower crowns just make sense.

Taryn on

For Witchsona Week! I think I’d probably be the kind of witch who lives in a forest cottage with a lot of cats.

taryndraws: “ my Pokemon squad! Grass and ghost types are my favorite

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(Gahhhh nooo I completely forgot to draw her earrings and necklace! 😞) I hadn't drawn Luna in a lil while and couldn't resist the urge ❤ I completely idolized her ever since I read Order of the Phoenix!