Love those feet.

i can't deal with how cute this German Shorthaired Pointer is. I've never seen other breeds do this as frequently as they do.

Gus & Travis - Christmas Photos - #GSP German Shorthaired Pointer #braque allemand

Gus & Travis - Christmas Photos - German Shorthaired Pointer allemand - my GSP is getting dressed up for Christmas this year!

I just got see this exact same face from my GSP

My GSP loves to sleep on her back too! Looks at me like this A LOT

GSP Perino 7 Weeks German Shorthaired Pointer with Hunting Collar

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Baby Bella German Shorthair Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer - Smart Friendly

i spy....a birdie I don't care what Brad thinks or says. I will own another german short haired pointer. Best dogs to grow up surrounded by.

Great in water, land and can jump like crazy. Lots of energy. Need to train. Can go hunting, it points when it's found prey. Awesome all round dog! I wanna go swimming with it. Sheds a bit. Doesn't need too much bathing. Little smell.

German shorthair pointer puppy. #germanshorthairedpointerpuppy

German shorthair pointer puppy. #germanshorthairedpointerpuppy

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Our respect and love for the role the German Shorthaired Pointer and Pointer provide in a family is primary to who Freiheit Kennel is - past, present and into the future.