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Angolan colobus monkey and 2-month-old baby. Photo by Darin Sugioka

Angolan colobus monkey Photo by Darin Sugioka [love the "hairdo".

I don't have a bucket list. But if I did, holding a baby-orangutan would be in my top #5. <3

Baby Orangutan --I can do " the splits".WHILE climbing a tree!

Sweet mamma

Undated handout photo issued by Paignton Zoo of a female baby orangutan born at the Zoo last month with her mother. Issue date: Thursday May (Photo by Ray Wiltshire/Paignton Zoo/PA Wire)


This mother wants to keep her baby ALIVE, SAFE and FED, just like us human moms.Please don't harm these animals.


taking time to smell the roses ! yup it's confirmed we could all stand to learn some things from the animal kingdom !

Maman gorille et son petit - Affectueuses et attentionnées, les femelles gorilles entretiennent un rapport étroit avec leurs petits et ce durant de longues années, comme tous les grands singes.

Maman gorille et son petit

Maman gorille et son petit *is in French meaning: mother gorilla and a small child

Aww...Gorilla Love <3

Mother Gorilla Hugs Baby by Evan Animals, A mother gorilla gently hugs it's 3 year old baby. One of the best things about watching the great apes is to capture a moment like this when they do something so human like.