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The foot tournament helmet of Sir Giles Capel, probably worn in the tournaments on the Field of the Cloth of Gold in This great bascinet was made about It was found above his grave in the Rayne Chapel in Rayne, Essex, England.

Gothic equestrian armor for rider & horse, South German, circa 1480. Rider's armor composed of original & modern parts; horse's bard is homogeneous with an associated saddle, circa 1510. Detail of rider's backplate, which is original & of high quality and does not correspond to the breastplate.

Extant Century German Gothic Armour [added] The design of the cantle of the saddle is quite interesting.

Milanese Burgonet, ca. 1550-55  Allegorical figures of Fame and Victory are embossed on the sides of the bowl. The helmet was originally fitted with a pivoting visor and plates at the nape.

Burgonet- Date: ca. Geography: Milan Culture: Italian, Milan Medium: Embossed, etched, and partly gilt steel

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Clothing: Armor for the Cards. Make it out of gold and red metal. Add blood splatters and rose/vine designs. Within the armor is magically fueled clockwork engines.

Knight in shining armor . I think I'd rather have a Knight in UNshiny armor cause that would mean he was a fighter & I'd want him to fight for me when/if the moment came.

Visored Bascinet Date: ca. 1450 Culture: German Medium: Steel Dimensions: H. 17 in. (43.2 cm); W. 13 1/4 in. (33.7 cm); D. 13 7/8 in. (35.2 cm); Wt. 10 lb. 12 oz. (4876 g)

1450 Culture: German Medium: Steel Dimensions: H. g) Classification: Helmets Credit Line: Rogers Fund, 1904

A helmet of the guard of King Louis XIII of France, 1610.

Large Compilation--Armor/Armour, mostly 13th-16th Century Gothic and Italian Made

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Western Armour Pauldrons "The King's Guard" Lombardy Medieval Functional Armor Pauldrons.

Russian bear hunting armor from the 19th century

now *that's* a bear hunting suit. Russian bear hunting armor from the century

Armor Dump - Album on Imgur

Armor Dump - Album on Imgur

Comtesse du Chocolat

Armour, Army Museum of Invalides, Paris, France by Jonathan Haider