Amazing Playhouse in a Finland Family Garden -do you have a DIYer in the family who can create one of these?! Imagine it appearing in the backyard on Xmas, as if brought by santa himself.

Inspired Spaces for Kids

Here's our latest round of ideas and inspiration for kid's spaces, from Finnish playhouses to camp-inspired bunk beds. I'm in love with this playhouse from a family garden in Finland.

We can ooh and aah over beautiful Mid Century homes all we want, but unless you're blessed to stumble upon a dwelling with that style of architecture, it can feel like a far off dream. Don't hold back and build your own Mid Century hideout out back instead, it's the best of both worlds - no old plumbing and happy kids!

Mid Century Modern Playhouse of Awesome

15 Pimped Out Playhouses Your Kids Need In The Backyard

15 Pimped Out Playhouses Your Kids Need In The Backyard

dirt digging sisters: diy modern playhouse The base of the entire structure (including deck) is x The deck is by the entire width of the structure. The door into the playhouse is x

Made with HAPPY Treehouse - Playhouse DIY


APlaceImagined: Playhouse Style: Salvaged Shanty

A lot of the things I want in a larger treehouse: porch, bridge, smaller add-on

Play house

Dream Tree Loft Playhouse - Children's Patio Furniture and Playhouses - Outdoor Furniture - Outdoor and Garden

Hobbit House

child's hobbit hole for small backyard.ok i dont have kids but I want a hobbit hole play house!