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Maria di Angelo - Pefect! (Nico and Bianca's mom)  looks more like older hazel to me

Maria di Angelo<---- i have never seen maria di Angelo fanart im so happy i want more fanart of her and grover clarrise and coach hedge and other characters cause they are never seen any


02 - Nico di Angelo and Small Bob/Bob Pequeno - by Viria

EXCHANGE. << I just think this pic of Percy is so insanely descriptive of who he is, I dunno

Calling all P. I would like to bring to our attention that we are fighting Percy vs Jason & camphalfblood vs camp Jupiter when we need to remember that if we dont join forces Geae will kill us all!


here’s a part of one of my submissions for the pjo fanzine. I’ve always kinda wanted to try my hand at drawing Khione! even though she was an antagonist I never really disliked her, which happens to be the case with most of Rick’s minor characters

duh, we had to draw ourselves for pjo fanzine in which I sort of..not too good. why does drawing myself always give me this much trouble? agh I’ll never be sure who’d be my godly parent though. stuck...

Viria drew herself as a demigod for the PJO Fanzine! I love this Viria is amazing. Love how she draws the pjo characters! And hoo